Children are special at Westwood!

Westwood offers a complete program of special ministries for children from birth through 6th Grade:

Westwood provides a clean and safe nursery for infants and toddlers ages 3 and under during all church-wide activities.

We have two professional staff for infants & toddlers, and we have a Church Nursery Paging System to provide peace of mind for parents.

Our preschoolers are divided into age-based classes on Sunday mornings. These classes are led by caring teachers and each class provides engaging activities about God and God’s love.

Click here for a parent information sheet: What Parents Should Know About Preschool Classes_2020

FunDay School is a workshop rotation model of doing Sunday School. Each week our elementary-aged children in 1st-4th grades will rotate into one of our regular rotations, currently Drama, Games, Art, and Movies. During the course of the month, the children will experience and learn the same Bible story each week using these different workshops and the different learning styles associated with each one. Our 5th-6th graders will participate in CONNECT, a Bible study time geared just for them. They will participate in the Movie rotation and mission activities with the other grades.

FunDay School begins at 9:45 a.m. in the Music Suite. After a time of singing, sharing, and introducing the story, the children divide into their rotation groups and head downstairs to the FunDay School classrooms.